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rapid::unitsync::unitsync::Unitsync Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def AddAllArchives
def AddArchive
def CloseArchive
def CloseArchiveFile
def CloseFileVFS
def FileSizeVFS
def FindFilesArchive
def FindFilesVFS
def GetArchiveChecksum
def GetArchivePath
def GetCustomOptionCount
def GetFullUnitName
def GetInfoDescription
def GetInfoKey
def GetInfoMap
def GetInfoMapSize
def GetInfoValue
def GetMapArchiveCount
def GetMapArchiveName
def GetMapAuthor
def GetMapChecksum
def GetMapChecksumFromName
def GetMapCount
def GetMapDescription
def GetMapGravity
def GetMapHeight
def GetMapInfo
def GetMapInfoEx
def GetMapMaxHeight
def GetMapMinHeight
def GetMapName
def GetMapOptionCount
def GetMapPosCount
def GetMapPosX
def GetMapPosZ
def GetMapResourceCount
def GetMapResourceExtractorRadius
def GetMapResourceMax
def GetMapResourceName
def GetMapTidalStrength
def GetMapWidth
def GetMapWindMax
def GetMapWindMin
def GetMinimap
def GetModOptionCount
def GetModValidMap
def GetModValidMapCount
def GetNextError
def GetOptionBoolDef
def GetOptionDesc
def GetOptionKey
def GetOptionListCount
def GetOptionListDef
def GetOptionListItemDesc
def GetOptionListItemKey
def GetOptionListItemName
def GetOptionName
def GetOptionNumberDef
def GetOptionNumberMax
def GetOptionNumberMin
def GetOptionNumberStep
def GetOptionScope
def GetOptionSection
def GetOptionStringDef
def GetOptionStringMaxLen
def GetOptionStyle
def GetOptionType
def GetPrimaryModArchive
def GetPrimaryModArchiveCount
def GetPrimaryModArchiveList
def GetPrimaryModChecksum
def GetPrimaryModChecksumFromName
def GetPrimaryModCount
def GetPrimaryModDescription
def GetPrimaryModGame
def GetPrimaryModIndex
def GetPrimaryModMutator
def GetPrimaryModName
def GetPrimaryModShortGame
def GetPrimaryModShortName
def GetPrimaryModVersion
def GetSideCount
def GetSideName
def GetSideStartUnit
def GetSkirmishAICount
def GetSkirmishAIInfoCount
def GetSkirmishAIOptionCount
def GetSpringConfigFile
def GetSpringConfigFloat
def GetSpringConfigInt
def GetSpringConfigString
def GetSpringVersion
def GetUnitCount
def GetUnitName
def GetWritableDataDirectory
def has
def Init
def InitDirListVFS
def InitFindVFS
def InitSubDirsVFS
def lpAddIntKeyBoolVal
def lpAddIntKeyFloatVal
def lpAddIntKeyIntVal
def lpAddIntKeyStrVal
def lpAddStrKeyBoolVal
def lpAddStrKeyFloatVal
def lpAddStrKeyIntVal
def lpAddStrKeyStrVal
def lpAddTableInt
def lpAddTableStr
def lpClose
def lpEndTable
def lpErrorLog
def lpExecute
def lpGetIntKeyBoolVal
def lpGetIntKeyFloatVal
def lpGetIntKeyIntVal
def lpGetIntKeyListCount
def lpGetIntKeyListEntry
def lpGetIntKeyStrVal
def lpGetIntKeyType
def lpGetKeyExistsInt
def lpGetKeyExistsStr
def lpGetStrKeyBoolVal
def lpGetStrKeyFloatVal
def lpGetStrKeyIntVal
def lpGetStrKeyListCount
def lpGetStrKeyListEntry
def lpGetStrKeyStrVal
def lpGetStrKeyType
def lpOpenFile
def lpOpenSource
def lpPopTable
def lpRootTable
def lpRootTableExpr
def lpSubTableExpr
def lpSubTableInt
def lpSubTableStr
def OpenArchive
def OpenArchiveFile
def OpenArchiveType
def OpenFileVFS
def ProcessUnits
def ProcessUnitsNoChecksum
def ReadArchiveFile
def ReadFileVFS
def RemoveAllArchives
def SetSpringConfigFile
def SetSpringConfigFloat
def SetSpringConfigInt
def SetSpringConfigString
def SizeArchiveFile
def UnInit

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _init

Detailed Description

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