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def rapid::rapid::RepositorySource::load (   self )
Download and return list of repositories.

Definition at line 104 of file rapid.py.

            """ Download and return list of repositories."""

            # Collect OnlineRepositories
            self.downloader.conditional_get_request(master_url, self.repos_gz)
            with closing(gzip.open(self.repos_gz)) as f:
                  unique = set(x.split(',')[1] for x in f)
                  self.__repositories = [OnlineRepository(os.path.join(self.cache_dir, urlparse(x).netloc), self.downloader, x) for x in unique]

            # Collect OfflineRepositories
            for dirent in os.listdir(self.cache_dir):
                  path = os.path.join(self.cache_dir, dirent)
                  if os.path.isdir(path) and path not in (r.cache_dir for r in self.__repositories):

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