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def rapid::rapid::Package::files (   self )
Download .sdp file and return the list of files in it.

Definition at line 422 of file rapid.py.

            """ Download .sdp file and return the list of files in it."""
            if self.__files:
                  return self.__files
            self.__files = []

            with closing(gzip.open(self.cache_file)) as f:
                  def really_read(n, field):
                        data = f.read(n)
                        if len(data) < n:
                              raise PackageFormatException(field)
                        return data

                  while True:
                        namelen = f.read(1)
                        if namelen == '': break   # normal loop termination condition
                        namelen = struct.unpack('B', namelen)[0]

                        name  = really_read(namelen, 'name')
                        md5   = really_read(16, 'md5')
                        crc32 = really_read(4, 'crc32')
                        size  = really_read(4, 'size')

                        size = struct.unpack('>L', size)[0]
                        self.__files.append(File(name, md5, crc32, size))

            return self.__files

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